This eCourse features a rich mix of step by step video instruction and ancillary materials — such as detailed scripts and templates to follow, invaluable links, and spreadsheets showing, among other things, how to track which clients are potentials and which are already underway as active projects.

There’s even a separate module on how to set up your finances, organize your videos, and get your website up and running to give your venture style and credibility.

In time, people will visit your site in ever-growing numbers, giving you commission work to do as well as the prospective customer — push marketing — approach we suggest to get you started.

What to expect

The lesson guide with private links to videos on each topic + ancillary notes and materials.

The outline
  1. Buying the best PC, Laptop, Chromebook or iPad — if you don’t already own one.

— They’re not all alike — links and brief pros and cons to brands we recommend

  1. Learning the basic fundamentals of each, including setup of your particular hardware.

— It’s one thing to buy a computer — it’s quite another to tweak it out for maximum efficiency — we’ll show you the latest tips and hacks.

  1. Hooking up to a fast Internet provider and setting up WiFi in your home.

— This can be tricky if you’ve never done it — we step you through the process.

  1. Getting your subscription to an online editing site in place, as well as basic orientation to its functionality.

— We provide a discounted link and explain the pros and cons of different tiers of membership.

  1. Acquiring a domain name for your website.

— Some careful thought should go into your site’s name — we provide helpful pointers.

  1. Buying hosting on a server and setting up your site.

— There is a particular favorite host we are familiar with who consistently overdelivers on value and cost.

  1. Setting up your PayPal account.

— This isn’t necessarily a hard step, but setting up a business account is a bit more complicated — we demystify the process and show how to manage your account — including those all-important invoices.

  1. Setting up your business logs and spreadsheet database.

— We share with you what has worked for us, and provide detailed templates to follow.

  1. Learning how to write a script.

— We will supply a suggested template script or script outline for each of the 8 target markets we recommend.

  1. Learning where to find good visuals, images or stock video.

— A detailed, step by step tutorial on where to go on the World Wide Web to get the highest quality elements, either free or at the lowest price.

  1. Setting up your own music library of free downloaded tracks.

— The online subscription edit site we recommend has a fantastic library that comes free with the service — but we show you where to find still more free music — or the lowest cost music, if that winds up being your best option for a project.

  1. Learning what themes (templates) work best for which video.

— We’ve tried them all and will make specific recommendations based on past success in each genre.

  1. Making your first sample video (B&Bs and vacation rentals).
  2. Producing your second sample video (high end realty listings).
  3. Making your third sample video (wedding montages).
  4. Creating your fourth sample video (nonprofit fundraising & volunteer recognition).
  5. Making your fifth sample video (music videos).
  6. Producing your sixth sample video (churches).
  7. Making your seventh sample video (local and regional businesses).
  8. Making your eighth sample video (Internet retailers).
  9. Learning how to market your services to gain maximum visibility.

— We give tips and pointers on how to stand above the competition.

  1. Seeking other possibilities – where to look (any topic or market where visuals are needed).

— Video is an incredibly adaptable medium — particularly in this format — we show you how to adapt it in search of new markets and new prospects.

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