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Would you like to learn how to create dynamic videos like the one above that I created for promote an author’s sci-fi book series? It has gained over 5,000 views on YouTube. Or would you rather do more persuasive ones, like the one below, which invites former guests back to a picturesque B&B in rural Oregon?

I’d love to teach you how easy it is to produce your own shows — for your own clients — no matter where you live and no matter what you know — or don’t know — about video production.

You can make thousands of dollars a year with your laptop — as I do — working from the comfort of your recliner only a few hours each day. Or, use your PC, Chromebook or iPad.

Why listen to me?

I have, in my time, produced everything from TV commercials to documentaries, but my real passion lies in bringing to life a message that will get a struggling nonprofit more money — or kickstart a budding Internet retailer’s website — or delight a bride and groom with production of a professional montage to show at their wedding reception.

You can do the same — and make an average $100 per video — just by applying my guidelines and templates to suit a prospect’s special needs.The videos typically take about 2 hours to create and refine.

What will you learn?

You’ll find out exactly — step by step — how to create six types of videos — for six prime worldwide markets — simply by:

  • adapting a 1- to 2-page script template to suit each particular client
  • finding free, high-quality images and video clips online
  • subscribing to a superior web-based editing platform
  • choosing from a vast collection of free, outstanding production music

And then you simply plug all this into an intuitive drag-and-drop format that I recommend based on the type of video you’re producing.

Seriously, it’s not that hard to create each of these highly customizable videos that will please your potential client — and put money in your pocket — usually within a week or so of completing it.

Take a look around the rest of this site and then make a decision to bring more money into your household this year, starting today.

That’s it!

Please join me in exploring the possibilities, They’re just a download away.

Thanks! Don

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PPS No business opportunity is guaranteed success. Your experience may differ from my own, and from others who take my course, and results may vary.